Making the Most Out of Freelance Work

Five Tips for Freelancing Individuals on Bidding Sites

The wonders of globalization have opened up a whole new world for skilled professionals who want to make money online. From grunt work and blog commenting to ultra-dedicated and specific coding and development opportunities, the world of freelance work has expanded rapidly over the last ten years.

No matter what the field, there are work opportunities out there. From freelance web developers to freelance graphic artists, anyone can find online platforms that allow people to easily dictate their own schedule, work how and when they please, and build a life that is not constantly revolving around an office.

These five tips will help people get the most out of their freelance work. Whether they want to keep their work hours down, increase their per-hour pay rate, or simply find freelancing work more easily, freelancing individuals who apply these tips and tricks will quickly see that they achieve what they want.

#1: Always Charge More Than You Should

There is a common belief that the cheapest freelancer will always win the most jobs, and it is wrong. Sure, low bidders might pick up an extra contract or two when they advertise super-low rates, but they will quickly find that they are earning less on a per-hour basis than they should be.

People serious with their freelance work should take the route of certainty, boost their rates slightly and allow some extra time to ensure that they are working at 100% capacity and top quality, no matter what project they are spending their time on.

#2: Do Not Bid on Cheap Jobs

There are going to be some clients that will do anything to get the lowest price, including assigning work that is very challenging but offers very little reward. The best solution is not to try and reason with these clients but to ignore them altogether.

People serious about their freelance work should focus on winning the jobs that work for them and should not bother with people that won’t even communicate after seeing rates higher than they had hoped.

#3: Time the Work for Maximum Output

Some freelancers find that they work best late at night, while others find that they are most productive in the early morning. One of the most advantageous and freeing parts of being engaged in freelance work is that it allows individuals to control their schedules.

Those who find themselves to be more productive at certain times can stick with those schedules and get the most work done.

#4: Impress First-Time Clients for Repeat Business

By providing high-quality work for first-time clients, freelancing individuals immediately put themselves in their good books. Poor freelancers spend hundreds of hours every year searching for jobs and contracts, while the more skilled and able freelancers will always have a steady flow of work coming to them.

People serious about their freelance work should focus on getting repeat business, and they should always keep in mind that every client lost is another string of bids that they need to place for new work.

#5: Sell Yourself on Quality, Not on Price

There are thousands of bad freelance graphic artists, writers, and programmers out there, all willing to work for the lowest price around. Sure, they will find work — but the work they will find will never pay the bills, and it will ultimately never provide repeat business.

Serious freelancing individuals should differentiate themselves. They should focus on quality, and they end up with jobs that pay well, keep work coming, and allow them to enjoy a lifestyle that is not dominated by endless, poorly paid work.

These five tips will allow serious freelancing individuals to make sure that they can cover the costs of comfortable living. Through these tips, people can really make money online without unnecessarily slaving off on their freelance work.

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