Free Sample Letter of Resignation

How to Quit Your Job Gracefully Example Resignation Letter Template

For some people, a letter of resignation is one of the most challenging types of correspondence to write. This is because the letter must strike a balance between professional and personal.

The letter must be professional in nature yet still convey a personalized message that may be charged with emotion, depending on the parties involved.

Giving Notice of Resignation? How to Quit Your Job Gracefully

A written notice of resignation serves more than one purpose. Most importantly, this letter serves as official notice of the intent to leave the company.

Firmly establishing the last day of work may be important for insurance purposes and company benefits (like the exact amount of accrued vacation to be paid out).

Resignation Format Not as Important as Content

A written letter of resignation becomes especially important if tension exists between the employer (or management) and the employee. A difficult boss could make the process of leaving a job difficult; in the absence of a written letter, they could simply deny that an employee ever gave advance notice of the intent to leave.

If difficulties like this are anticipated, it would be a good idea to provide a letter of resignation to more than one person.

It’s important not to get caught up in the formatting of the letter (see the free sample letter of resignation template below for help with that); what really matters is that the resignation letter leaves management with a good feeling about the departure.

Quit Your Job Positively – Leaving a Job Should be Uneventful

Even if no problems are anticipated, it is good taste and very professional to write a formal letter of resignation to an employer. Here are some tips for crafting a professional, respectful letter of resignation:

  • Maintain a somber yet positive tone. Say positive things about experiences at the company.
  • Don’t burn bridges by saying anything negative about the company. The new job may not turn out exactly as expected, and a return to the original company may be desired at some point.
  • Try not to single out any one person as a reason for leaving. This news can spread around, and even though it may not seem important at the time, that person may be in a position to get revenge in the future.

Free Example Letter of Resignation Template

Below is an example resignation letter template that briefly states the individual’s reasons for leaving the company in a positive manner.

(Insert date and address block)

Dear Manager,

I regret to inform you that I will be leaving the company two weeks from today, on X date. I truly enjoyed working here, getting to know everyone, and working on X projects during my tenure at X company. The position I have found will give me greater time off flexibility (or replace this explanation with another politically correct reason for leaving).

I feel honored to have worked at this company and will greatly miss the camaraderie shared among the workgroup.


(Insert four spaces to allow for a signature)

John Job Quitter

How to Customize the Sample Letter of Resignation Above

To customize the preceding sample letter of resignation, replace any references to “X” with exact dates or names and insert information as noted in parenthesis. Notes in parenthesis are for reference only; delete these in the actual letter.

Don’t Say “I Hate My Job” in Letter of Resignation Wording

Even if the resignation is not an amicable one, try to find a positive way to state the reason for leaving. Stick to factual, positive statements. Resist the urge to say something like, “I hate my job.”

For instance, use neutral reasons like “the new company location will reduce my commuting time by one hour per day” or “I am joining this other company because it affords me the opportunity to work in an exciting field.”

Resign from Job Properly – Use Resignation Letter Template Above

When someone resigns from a company, it’s always a good idea to provide a written notice. Use the tips and resignation template in this article to draft a unique letter of resignation that leaves a good impression on the company being left behind.