Job Search Websites: Resources for Online Job Seeker

Starting from scanning through the classified section in a local newspaper to inquiring about job vacancy in person, there are plenty of ways to conduct a job search. With the advent of the internet, job hunting has however, become more convenient. There are plenty of jobs search websites which are effective tools to find a job successfully.

Best Job Search Websites

There are several job search engines that help a job seeker to streamline his/her job search efforts. Each of the job search websites has its unique features that help a job hunter to effectively search a desired job.

Monster is a popular job search engine where a job seeker can narrow his job search by job location, employer, and keywords. Monster also offers free job postings, search alerts, and online resume posting. SimplyHired is another unique search engine that helps users to search specific jobs. Plus, it also gives users the ability to do salary research, view profile details of companies, and adding jobs to a job map.

One of the reputed technology job sites is US! Working Nomad. Since it offers jobs on targeted niche, a job seeker is most likely to find a desired job profile in this job website. We search all over the web for any and all remote jobs so you don’t have to.

CareerBuilder is a complete job search website that enables job seekers to post their resume, find a job with specific keywords, create job alerts, look up for job fairs, and get job advice.

International Job Sites

International job search engines help job seekers to find an overseas job.’s international sites help job hunters to browse through millions of job listings in UK, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Spain, Switzerland, and selected other countries. LinkUp UK and LinkUp Canada are two great international job sites that include job listings throughout UK and Canada respectively that are only found on company and employer websites.

USA Government Job

The best resource for finding a government job in USA is This site gives the job seeker direct access to job information from the United States government and local governments. The advanced search section helps job seekers to find more specific information on their desired field.

The best way to find a desired job is to post resumes to multiple job websites. There are hundreds of niche job sites on specific geographical location which is of interest to the job searcher. Along with the best job sites, a job seeker might also want to post resume to local job sites or select jobs by state. Local resources like Local Chambers of Commerce and local newspapers are also good resources to look up for jobs.

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