Resume Writing – Don’t Depict Yourself as a Dinosaur

Not so long ago, longevity, stability, and consistent employment with the same company for 10, 15, or even 25+ years were highly commended, with an employee’s hard work, dedication, and allegiance rewarded with ongoing employment, often right through to retirement.

How times have changed, as compared to the current job market, to have worked with the same employer for an extended period is the exception and, in fact, is almost frowned upon by an employer or recruiter.

To a potential employer, extensive service with the same company can signify stagnant skills, outdated experience, and a lack of drive, motivation, or determination to expand one’s horizons.

If you currently find yourself embarking on a job search campaign with many years of experience with the same employer, don’t be disillusioned, as there are a number of ways to enhance your overall marketability when trying to put together a resume. Consider including the following:

Diversity and progression

Portray your broad experience and advancement throughout the company ranks by detailing individual positions and relevant dates held rather than listing only the most recent position.

Even lateral moves within the organization are important to include, as these not only demonstrate multifaceted experience across various departments but will also confirm your employer’s recognition of your broad talents and internal mobility.

You may like to incorporate an opening statement that provides the reader with an overview of your progression within the company, such as

“Steady promotion through positions of increasing responsibility culminating in a pivotal leadership role driving operational efficiency…”,

and then begin with the most recent position and work backward (reverse chronologically), including position titles (and departments if appropriate), dates, accountabilities, special projects, challenges overcome, and overall achievements secured while in that role.

With the less challenging roles, rather than listing these individually, you may wish to incorporate a paragraph that summarizes this experience.

If you have been employed within the same role throughout your entire employment with the same company, you can still demonstrate your impact on organizational success by listing achievements, problem-solving, and contributions within the workplace.

Professional development

Avoid the assumption that your knowledge and skills have become stagnant by providing a list of courses, in-house seminars, or formal education that you have attended. This will acknowledge your commitment to revitalizing your abilities and remaining proficient with current technologies.

Other areas that can reveal a dedication to remaining current in your line of work are your involvement and active participation through memberships in Professional Associations or Organizations. If you are a regular subscriber to relevant, well-regarded industry publications or trade journals, list these as well.

Eliminate redundant Skills and Education

Don’t risk the possibility of being labeled a relic due to including superseded education or experience that dates back to over 20 years ago. Your resume is a marketing document and therefore does not, nor should not, contain a listing of your entire history. List only what is relevant to your career target.

Special Achievements, Milestones & Benchmarks:

Incorporate a section at the forefront of your document (preferably page one) that highlights contributions and achievements within the workplace specific to your career target.

This could involve special projects, problems and challenges overcome, or even restructuring of various procedures to enhance efficiency and productivity.

Do remember to quantify your achievements by incorporating facts and figures rather than just broad statements, and ensure the information is relevant to your career target.

Professional Profile

Replace an uninspiring and boring career objective with a succinct and powerfully written professional profile at the beginning of your resume to summarize your overall expertise and the value you are offering.

This statement should be specific to your career target and include relevant skills and competencies that the position demands.

Remember that when scripting your resume, you are not to provide a shopping list of accountabilities but rather create a document that will showcase your significant accomplishments and contributions within the workplace, thus allowing the potential employer to appreciate the expertise you are offering their organization.

Continued success!